Möchtest du und dein Team Netzwerkmoderator:innen und Communitymanagement Expert:innen werden?

Im Rahmen deiner Pilot-Ideen-Challenge(s) führen wir dich in die Netzwerkmoderation und das digitale Community Management ein. Wir geben dir und deinem Team die Werkzeuge und das Know-How in die Hand, um weiterführende Kampagnen auf eurer Ideenmanagement-Plattform selbstständig erfolgreich durchführen zu können.

Case Studies

VAR d.o.o.

The introduction of FMEA method, and the management of time in the company of


The introduction and application of the method of Value analysis (VA) business

Möchtest du erfolgreiche Netzwerkmoderator:in werden?

Wir schulen dich und dein Team in Netzwerkmoderation und im Communitymanagement.

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QFD – Quality Function Deployment

The clear and logical set of steps that allows for in-system programming of new products, the transparency and the organization of the individual stages of the formation of the products.

FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Because of their usefulness today, the FMEA with many manufacturers and their suppliers a firm part of the quality management system.

Value Management

One of the current methods, it is also VA (Value Analysis), or Value management, which is defined as a method, a systematic improvement of the value of the goods, or of goods and services to customers, with an emphasis on the functions of the

TPM – Total Productive Maintenance

The full productive maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance) is a subject to which engineers and managers to speak all over the world.

Creative techniques

The creative method is a system of tasks, which is organised to the application of the new knowledge.