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Due to its usability, FMEA is now a solid part of the quality assurance system for many manufacturers and their suppliers. FMEA analyzes can be performed in the initial phase of winning a new product or also during the production of already won products. We distinguish between systemic, developmental or constructional (Design FMEA) and process (technological) FMEA, which always complement each other, and FMEA services (eg maintenance).

Eliminating potential errors has both short-term and long-term benefits. The short-term benefits are more noticeable because there are no costs to repair and re-test. However, long-term benefits are more difficult to determine because they are related to how satisfied the customer is with the product and how they perceive the quality of it. It is this perception that influences future product purchases and is essential in creating a good image, so in the long run FMEA, as an instrument of the concept of reliability, brings greater market share and helps to create a company's reputation, because the product itself is essential.

This method supports the following tasks in a systematic and easily feasible way:

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