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Do you work in the field of innovation as a decision maker or innovation manager and would you like to know more about innovation management and learn more? We connect you with colleagues and industry experts and offer certified innovation training and other training to expand your internal competences. In cooperation with well-known institutions, we offer a wide range of formats: from workshops to seminar series and webinars to courses and workshops - all of course customisable for personal delivery for your qualification and networking!

Cost management

You are concerned about the cost? What are they, where are formed, what they are, who they cause? How do women cope with? The answers to these and other questions you will get in the course, in the context of the training, REFA, which is carried out by the partner, the firm PISK d.o.o.

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

Need help to boost your organisation's innovation capacity? Would you like to motivate your employees to think creatively and make innovative suggestions? Not sure how to systematically manage innovation and useful suggestions? You urgently need an expert to help you develop the competences to manage innovation professionally in your organisation. You will develop the core competencies of thenecessary in order to the systematic introduction of improvements and new features. Elevation the competences of the systematic re(sustainable innovation) the key to a successful business in the modern economy.

The training is carried out in partnership with the Forum for the Academy of