It's time for the

We support our consultations, trainings and seminars with our own tools and computer support, involving partners where necessary. Our development partner, the Innovation Service Network from Graz, is involved with the elaborate concept of Open Innovation, which is today the world's leading approach to realising innovation ideas.

Internal Ideenmanagement with your collaborator(s) or Open Innovation with your customer(s)

Here, your employees form "shared brains" across hierarchies and locations, and develop valuable ideas with the participation of the wider environment (communities, suppliers, customers). Tailored evaluation methods (bottom-up community voting, top-down jury voting, expert voting) support you in an efficient selection process for the best ideas. The sophisticated gamification system motivates the platform's community in itself and makes particularly active and creative users visible.


The benefits of the innovation database

Everyone can participate

Your community can get involved regardless of time and place.

No idea is lost anymore.

All your users' ideas are stored in one place.

The networking of all minds.

The cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, the initiate, document, and develop.

The early feedback.

Together, identify trends earlier and reduce the risk of innovation.

Gamification & motivation.

Your community will be networked and motivated by playful and communicative methods.

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Together with experienced innovation managers, your ideas will become reality! We look forward to working together!