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Take a look at some examples of good practice for inspiration - our customers are happy with our machines and see the added value of each project in the result. We can offer you the same and more if you are facing challenges and need support. Contact us and use our services!

Industrial projects

Here are some of the selected projects in the industry:


VAR d.o.o.

The introduction of FMEA method, and the management of time in the company of


The introduction and application of the method of Value analysis (VA) business

The rest of the 

The main customers of our service, in the form of a consultancy and the implementation of the IM methods are the following: VAR d.o.o., Orodjarstvo Šemrl, AGIS Plus d.o.o., SIP d.o.o., SICO d.o.o., LIMB d.o.o., Iskra Avtoelektrika d.o.o., Tajfun d.o.o., Ecotip d.o.o., Zaščita Ptuj d.o.o., HTZ I. P. SM Sporting, RLV d.o.o. Together, Arcont, d.d., Uniforest d.o.o., Arcont IP d.o.o., Veplas Velenje d.d., TALUM Ulitki d.o.o., LEK Veterina d.o.o., AGIS TECHNOLOGIES d.d. Ptuj, Robust d.o.o. and companies abroad: Agrocop of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gallustrac, JF, Denmark, Dresscode21 GmbH, Neurovation GmbH and others.

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