Starting points and goals

The advice was related to the introduction and application of the Value Analysis (VA) method, where the members of the project team first obtained information about the method itself and then proceeded to perform a value analysis for a specific ATM that was under development. Value analysis based on problem identification connects product functions with costs and optimizes the solutions that the company offers to the customer.

Method and princip of work

Based on the advice on the introduction of the VA method in the company PRIMAT, the members of the project team were trained to work with this method, and during the advice the application of the method was performed on a specific case of ATM Intrepit FL. With the method itself, we managed to introduce the necessary design changes to the product, and above all to optimize production or. manufacturing technologies with many changes and innovations that have provided a significant reduction in costs relative to the price defined by the customer in ensuring adequate quality. Important technological solutions and optimization of production costs and reduction of organizational losses were also achieved on the basis of consulting the LEAN concept.

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