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In business practice as well as in individual areas, many problems can arise, the path to solutions of which often lies outside one's own field of experience. Such problems require new solutions and approaches that can only be found through creativity and the generation of new knowledge. However, such creative activities should not be left to chance, but can be supported by systematics (methods) and goal orientation. The effectiveness of the found solutions can be significantly increased by using creative methods through training and exercises, which will be done in the framework of this seminar with the help of many examples in small groups.

The creative method is a system of tasks that organize activities to demand new insights. A method denotes a process that is goal-oriented, with that process structuring a system of rules. The method is a tool that gives us solutions that lie in the target area and are oriented to practical, actual needs or requirements. Methodological practices are also controlled and manageable. In the methodological work, the noticeable economic requirements in the company can always be integrated and supplemented.

The results of working with creative methods, of course, strongly depend on the way the task is set. As a rule, the ideas and concepts of solutions will be processed and, as part of further development, with the help of experts, distributed and tested according to their applicability. Creative methods enable the targeted creation of creative solutions. All ideas, thoughts and ideas are put to good use. In doing so, ideas from each individual, recorded ideas that are different due to different experiences, habits and thought structures, are targeted.

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