Project description

Lifelong learning has become a major component of the success of our increasingly knowledge-oriented society. The EU APOSDLE project is developing a computer (software) basis and tools to support our learning & work with the motto: Learn within the content of your current work and within your work environment. The new Advanced Process Oriented Self-Directed Learning Environment (APOSDLE) will provide practical guidance, learning content and expert advice when we need it and where we need it. APOSDLE offers individual learning assistance to people who work with information and contribute new content to the organization’s scope of knowledge. These so-called “knowledge workers” can be e.g. engineers, researchers, software developers, consultants or planners (designers). The learn @ work approach means that learning takes place in the user's current work environment and content (context). The key difference between the traditional and eLearning processes is that APOSDLE offers integrated technology support for all three roles of the “knowledge worker”: the role of the worker (student), the role of mentor and the role of expert. This integrated support is represented by three rounds of the APOSDLE logo: work, learn and participate (or work, learn and collaborate).


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