Project description

The main goal of the MATUROLIFE project ( M et a llisation of T extiles to make Ur ban living for Ol der people more I ndependent and F ashionabl e) is to ensure the safety and independent living of the elderly by finding solutions in a combination of technology and design. Thus, we have placed creative and artistic design in creative innovation to produce three AT (Assistive Technology) prototypes that will ensure that the lives of older people in urban environments will be easier, more independent, fashionable and comfortable. In doing so, we avoided solutions that could stigmatize end-users (e.g., tracking and alarm devices around the arm or neck) and lead to their dissatisfaction and rejection with unattractiveness. In the development and design of solutions, we limited ourselves to furniture (sofas, armchairs), clothing and footwear. We have included social stakeholder groups in the design process that represent end-users (ie older people), which will significantly contribute to the end-user acceptance of the product.

The project builds on existing technological advances in materials, such as an innovative selective metallization process using nanotechnology, electrochemistry and materials science, to coat textile fibers and textiles with metal, ensuring conductivity and electronic connectivity. This will allow better integration of electronics and sensors into fabrics and other textiles, which will be the basis for fashion designers and artists to make AT products for older people that will not only be functional, but more desirable and attractive and lighter and more comfortable. With the developed prototypes, we confirmed the set concept and thus evaluated the industrial applicability of the selective metallization process.


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